Re-certified gas cylinder - safe gas cylinder!

Gas cylinders are used to store technical gases and gas mixtures.

When sold in a gas cylinder, it is completed with a neck, a valve, a branch pipe or a flange for connection is installed.

When organizing storage of gas cylinders, there are safety requirements:

- When placing storage of cylinders on the street, it is necessary to make a canopy to protect it from direct sunlight and precipitation, such as rain or snow.

- When placing storage of cylinders in a closed room, special safety requirements must be observed.

All containers used for storing gases are subject to periodic inspection and recertification. Re-certification organizations carry out repair and painting of cylinders.

The cylinder suitability testing process includes:

- Checking the absence of corrosion and deformation, as well as the corresponding marking and color (compliance with GOST standards is required).

- Checking the conformity of the marks in the cylinder passport.

- The tightness is checked by filling with water at the required pressure.

Mandatory weighing to determine the thickness of the metal walls.

After completion of the certification of gas containers, a special stamp is applied containing the following information: date of testing, cylinder weight, allowable pressure, internal volume, organization that performed the tests.

These procedures ensure the further safe use of cylinders and the prevention of unfortunate consequences.

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Re-certified gas cylinder


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